Our Story


House of Inverness is a lifestyle brand and art store dedicated to cultivating intentional living through home design, inspirational art and Seasonal Journals.  Founded in 2021, House of Inverness was born out of a love for building community, living with intentionality, and inspiring others through art and design. 


Building Community

The 2020 pandemic brought to light (in a very personal way), the challenges born of isolation. Through our conversations with friends and family, we realized others have a similar desire to reinvigorate intentional community, particularly in a social-media focused world. We hope to encourage and support you toward building healthy community. We introduce uplifting, practical guidance to extend ourselves with openness, commitment and authenticity in order to connect with others where we live, work and engage.

Living with Intentionality: Engaging in a Meaningful Lifestyle at Home

We are passionate about designing peaceful homes that exude depth and joy.  Practicing intentionality in home design, family traditions, delicious recipes and timeless fashion are our forte.  Through our blog and Seasonal Journals, you will find our favorite recommendations and best practices to cultivate your own home with intentionality.  

Sharing Original Art

Our fine art pieces are inspired by our love of peaceful, soothing landscapes and organic themes. Often drawing from the beauty of nature and coastal scenes, our artwork will be released seasonally as curated collections available for purchase. 


Meet the Founders
We are a trio of cousins who grew up spending summers together. Now, we co-own a small business and are so thankful for how it has brought us closer as adults!  Here is a little more about each of us.



What is your favorite art medium to work with? I am most drawn to watercolors for my own creation.  While I love the movement of the paints in this medium, there’s also a deeper reason for my affinity: my grandfather was an artist, and a man I greatly respected.  I have many childhood memories of admiring his art displayed at my grandparents’ home, and after he passed away, I inherited some of his old watercolor paints, a variety of his paintbrushes and a few of his paintings.  Painting in watercolor, especially when I use his tools, has allowed me to celebrate the love of art I inherited from him and honor his memory through my creative work.


What is your favorite art medium to view? Oil paintings, landscapes, seascapes and abstract art.


What is your favorite place to visit or a dream trip in the future? Inverness with the girls (for being an influence on our company!).  London, Paris and Venice with my husband.  And to fulfill a lifelong travel dream since childhood: Ngorongoro Crater/Conservation Area.


What is a quote you enjoy? “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty,” (Maya Angelou).



What is your favorite art medium?  I can’t say I have a particular favorite art medium or style as I appreciate so many different things! I do find myself drawn to illustration. There are endless ways the same subject can be artistically interpreted. The distinctive spirits of a finely detailed drawing and a free-flowing sketch are equally striking. Finding artists that have developed their personal illustrative style is like being given a peek into how they perceive the world around them, which I find so intriguing!


What is your favorite way to unwind? I love getting lost in things. Wandering sleepy little antique stores, settling down with a cup of coffee to immerse myself in a favorite book or film, or willfully falling down internet rabbit holes…often leading to wonderful, unexpected discoveries! It feels like intentional daydreaming --- is that a thing?


What is one hobby you’d love to get into? Embroidery! The enchanting works of art created through intricate stitches in beautiful colorways is fascinating. It’s definitely one of the aforementioned rabbit holes I find myself revisiting 😊. There is something so lovely in the delicate, tactile nature of the craft. The devotion of time and meticulous artistry makes each piece feel treasured.


Which season is your favorite? Autumn is the embodiment of all things dear to my introverted heart. Each year, I look forward to the brisk weather, cozy layers, lush textiles, warm beverages, nostalgic gatherings with family and friends – I could go on and on! There’s a peaceful charm in watching nature glow with a final burst of color before settling into the winter months. It’s a time when we celebrate simpler pleasures, which I have always found both comforting and grounding. The season is a gentle reminder of all I have to be grateful for and I cherish its arrival every year.



What is your favorite art medium to work with? I started painting with oils in 2020 and it has quickly become the medium I enjoy working with the most. Particularly because of the creamy soft texture, smooth blending and vibrant colors - it is also more forgiving as I try new techniques! 
What is your favorite season? Spring - it is a season full of hope, renewal, expectation, joy and growth. I love having the windows open to bring in fresh, cool air especially if there’s been a recent spring rain. Or working in the garden preparing the soil, planting seedlings and tending to them.  In my art, I am most inspired by flowers, nature, spring colors and sunrises. There is always hope for the future and spring reminds me of this eternal promise.
What is a quote you enjoy? “An optimist is the human personification of spring.” Susan J. Bissonette
What is one of your favorite places to visit? Anywhere in the Scottish Highlands, but especially the Isle of Skye. My dream day would be taking in the untamed beauty of the island by hiking a remote, challenging trail then warming up by a cozy fire with a delicious, rustic dinner. I spent a week there while in college and it still tops my travel list as one of the most wildly beautiful places in the world.