Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

By, Christen

Foggy mornings, golden afternoons, warmth, a celebration of community, rustic texture, spiced candles – these phrases evoke the essential elements of autumn.  This year, I challenged myself to bring the ambiance of fall to an upstairs family room often overlooked with the change of seasons.  Given we walk through this space multiple times each day, it makes sense to highlight the transition of seasons here! 

In this room, I decided to play with a demure approach to fall.  Since it was over 100 degrees outside this weekend, I couldn’t quite bring myself to fully immerse in autumnal decor just yet – as much as I wanted to!  Late summer is, after all, something to appreciate in and of itself, and besides, there’s something to be said for building anticipation for the things to come.  I’m considering this approach, therefore, to be something of a fall preview – a hint of fall as we prepare to fully usher in the next season.  

Take a look at the before photos below (because if you're like me, you need to see those "before" shots!).  Lightweight materials and textures, a pop of color and fun pattern: this year's family room summer vibe.

An image of the sofa in the family room, styled still in House of Inverness' summer theme, with simple decor and blue accents.

Image of summer season styling of the House of Inverness family room sofa.

Step 1: Prepare the Space

As with all transitions of seasonal decor, I love letting a space have time to “breathe” before introducing the next theme.  Clearing all elements from surfaces, cleaning, vacuuming and dusting, and then giving myself a pause of time before introducing new decor allows for the opportunity to start with a clear palette and create new moments in a completely refreshed and revitalized space.

Close-up view of a barrel basket containing textured pillows and a fall-themed plaid throw blanket, arranged in House of Inverness' style.

Step 2: Prepare the Elements

Consider your approach: what colors and textures are you most drawn to?  Do you have items you’d like to include as focal points?  Is there a budget you need to work within?  Curating your theme is a lovely opportunity to convey an aesthetic unique to you – so have fun with it!   

For our family room’s fall theme, I gave myself a limited color palette, incorporating plaids and neutrals, layers of texture, and plenty of cozy throws.  I then added in some elements more overtly autumnal to make the shift in seasonal focus a bit more pronounced.  The plaid pillows are a definite favorite (they’re reversible and available in a couple sizes!), and I love these plaid throws, too.  I also really enjoy these paper mache pumpkins in fall decor – while I’ll incorporate real organics a bit later in the season, it’s nice to have items that will last for extended periods of time and can (bonus!) be reused the following year.

View of the seating area in the family room, styled by House of Inverness to reflect the beginning of Autumn with cozy throws, plaid pillows and autumnal elements.

Step 3: Arrange and Enjoy!

Turn on music evocative of pumpkin spice lattes as you begin to arrange and position your fall display.  I’ve been enjoying this compilation of Indie songs – as they play, I can practically smell coffee beans roasting on a brisk autumn day… and I already mentioned how hot it actually is here right now!  There’s just something about the right playlist to help set the tone, isn’t there?  If you’d like more music inspiration, we always include ideas in our monthly Favorite Finds!

Coffee table decorated for fall with pumpkins and leaves in the House of Inverness style.

The approach I took when transitioning this space was focused on thematically inviting in the fall season while also taking time to intentionally enjoy these last vestiges of late summer.  My sister and I are both enjoying Korie Herold’s “More Than Gratitude” 100-day guided journal, and it’s helping us cultivate thankful hearts, letting that spill over into every area of our lives.  As I appreciate these final days of summer – both in design and the great outdoors – I find myself considering the many moments of joy this season brought, and how grateful I am for each and every one.

As you prepare for fall and begin transitioning to welcome in the new season, perhaps pause for a moment to reflect on the highlights of the past season.  What joys did you enjoy this summer?  What are you most looking forward to as you anticipate fall?  We’d love to hear!

Close-up view of details on the sofa, styled by House of Inverness for early fall with a cozy cable-knit throw and plaid pillow

View of the whole seating area, styled for fall by House of Inverness with plaid pillows, cable knit throw, pumpkins and leaves.

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