September Favorite Finds

September Favorite Finds

By, Kate

September Favorite Finds from House of Inverness

I am so excited to share our Favorite Finds for September - especially because these unintentionally turned into a celebration of fall.  

*Disclaimer - House of Inverness has no affiliate relationship with any of the companies or linked websites below. These are simply products and sites we personally enjoy or use.
  1. A music mix for the beginning of Autumn: September Instrumental Jazz. It’s been relaxing to have this in the background as I work. No lyrics, just a calm, positive vibe!
  2. I am inspired by nature and the benefits of incorporating it into our homes and everyday lives. A dried floral or botanical is an easy way to bring a bit of nature inside while being budget conscious. I found several on Terrain that are amazing - look at the deep autumn colors of this Preserved Beech Leaf Bunch! There are so many unique options from Afloral, I like these yellow yarrow.  Also, Hobby Lobby’s wheat is currently on sale!
  3. I recently read a book by Florence Williams about the benefits of being in nature titled The Nature Fix. From personal experience, I know it makes an incredible difference on a day to day basis if I spend even a little time outside. The author explores how connecting with nature, even in limited or small ways, improves our mood, increases our creativity and positively impacts our cognition.  It was amazing to read the science behind how a simple practice, like spending ten minutes a day walking outside, can drastically affect so many areas of our health - both physical and mental. What an encouragement toward spending time outdoors!
  4. We have been busy behind the scenes here creating our first Fall Art Collection.  Here is a sneak peak of one of my favorites painted by Christen - watercolor pumpkins. The hint of a cool grey background reminds me of the cooler autumn days soon to come!
  5. Anyone excited for football season? I know I am…although that could partly be because it is also an excuse to try new crowd-pleasing recipes!  And by crowd I mean my husband, myself and my kids! Jenn Segal of Once Upon a Chef has a collection of a few favorites for football season.  I make the ground beef chili recipe every year.  I know we’ve mentioned Once Upon a Chef in a Favorite Finds previously and that is because she is such an amazing recipe developer and chef!
  6. I discovered these whimsically adorable ceramic pumpkins! Each hand-painted with florals by Cara, the artist behind Rosalie Gwen Paperie. Such a fun take on fall decor, plus you should check out the rest of her artwork!
  7. These are way too cute not to include! Have you ever heard of Preserved Pumpino Toppers? Me either! They look like miniature pumpkins but are actually in the eggplant family, just bright orange.  Pop them in a bowl for your entryway or style them on your mantle for a burst of fall color.
  8. There are so many wonderfully inspiring aspects of fall, I can’t capture them all in one Favorite Finds…but we have put them on a Pinterest board for you.  Here is the direct link so you can peruse away!

We hope an item on this list inspired you today – have a wonderful, joy-filled week!  

What categories of items would you like to see on our next Favorite Finds?  Love any of the items as much as we do? Tag us on social media or send an email and let us know!

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September Favorite Finds House of Inverness

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