A New Collection of Landscape Paintings

A New Collection of Landscape Paintings

By Kate 

From the early days of the pandemic, painting was my creative outlet late in the evenings, a way to keep my hands busy and my mind focused on the joy of creating art and learning a new skill.

 Ocean seascape painting in watercolor

Those quiet hours of exploration started purely for the sake of painting art for my family and eventually became part of a larger dream with my cousin and sister — House of Inverness

 Small oil landscape painting of a pink sunrise

As I reflect on each of these pieces, I remember the excitement of discovering my love for oil paints and finding landscapes are what I want to spend the most time creating.  

 Small oil paintings on handmade paper, landscape paintings

Ultimately, this group of paintings is a glimpse into my journey since the summer of 2020 — a visual summary of my experience as an artist.

Abstract floral oil painting

My favorite piece of the collection is this small, abstract floral painting. The vibrant colors, and loose flowers still captivate me each time I see it — it is a style I hope to explore more in 2022, perhaps as a larger canvas and a few shelf sized minis.

Handmade paper landscape painting

Over the past year, I explored several mediums and materials — a few are still in the works like my use of ink on rice paper!  One of the most exciting to experiment with is handmade paper.  I source my papers from two U.S. based small businesses — Fringe and Rose and Leather and Earth Co. It was especially fun to paint on the light blue paper — each type absorbs paint differently so while oil paints are typically slow to dry and very blendable, painting on handmade paper changes their absorption and they dry much faster!

A watercolor painting of blueberry branches

Looking ahead to what we have planned for the rest of 2022, I know it will be filled with the joy of painting and also creating through new techniques — I am currently building my first collection of surface pattern designs.  I can’t wait to share the details…here’s a just a hint of what we plan on designing for the store — wrapping paper, silk scarves and tea towels! Cheers to 2022!




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