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Christmas Tree Decorating Themes

by Christen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Does anyone else have that song playing in the back of their mind lately?  That one AND Frank Sinatra's rendition of “Jingle Bells” have been on repeat in my head ever since we started decorating our tree this week, and I am loving every second of it!

Christmas is a treasured time of the year, and I love preparing my home to fully reflect the joy of the season for upcoming times of togetherness with family and friends.  As you transition your home décor for the holiday season, take a look at these seven Christmas Tree decorating themes I’ve curated for your inspiration. 


Image of curated items for the Classic Christmas tree decorating theme in the House of Inverness style.

1. Classic Christmas Cheer

Theme: An elegant take on the timeless, traditional Christmas aesthetic.

Color scheme: This refined approach to the classic red, green and gold palette will blend beautifully with any heirloom and family baubles you choose to mix in.

Garland/Ribbon Accent: Scripted “Merry Christmas” ribbon paired with the lovely red wood beaded garland for the perfect blend of classic cheer.

Ornament Selection: Red, White and Gold Round Glass Ornaments (42ct), Red Glitter Berry Cluster, Holly & Berry Cluster, Red Finials, Champagne Glitter Poinsettia, Gold Finials, Gold Bell, Gingerbread Man, Red Balls with Gold Design, Gold Cutout Star, Hope/Peace/Joy, Glass Pickle, Gold Snowflake

Tree Topper: This beautiful trumpeting angel topper is a nostalgic nod to Christmases of old.

Tree Base: A simple stainless tree collar over a cable knit skirt grounds this look.

Coordinated Gift Wrapping: A combination of holiday plaid alternated with  simple brown wrap, made cohesive with red velvet ribbon will be the perfect finish to your Christmas tree aesthetic.


Image of curated items for the Naturally Festive Christmas Tree decorating theme in the House of Inverness style.

2. Naturally Festive

Theme: Appreciating the beauty of nature

Color scheme: Natural, rustic wood tones with hints of festive foliage and berries.

Garland/Ribbon Accent: A simple wood beaded garland adds charm and elegance to this look, while maintaining natural elements.

Ornament Selection: Pinecone Ornament, Mixed Berry Pick, Pine & Jute Ball Ornaments, Assorted Snowflake, Pine & Berry Jingle Bell, Round Wood Bark OrnamentsHolly Stem Plant, Wooden Train, Wood Acorn, Glitter Antler Ornaments, Red Berry Holiday Napkin Rings (pro-tip: these double beautifully as mini wreath ornaments for the tree!), Silver & Brown Rustic String of Bells, Paper Mache Stars, Snowy Wood BirdhouseLarge Wood Snowflakes, Birch Snowflake 

Tree Topper: A straw star or a spray of mixed berry picks

Tree Base: A split willow tree collar completes this aesthetic by balancing natural beauty with structure and strength

Coordinated Gift Wrapping: Echo the foliage and berries with green wrapping paper and red & white baker’s twine, or substitute in a more natural ribbon or twine.


Image of curated items for the Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Tree decorating theme in the House of Inverness style.

3. Scandinavian Inspired

Theme: Neutral, simple and minimal

Color scheme: Neutrally colored ornaments spaced apart with a pop of red from berry picks

Garland/Ribbon Accent: To appreciate the simple beauty of the tree, no added garland or ribbons are needed!

Ornament Selection: Mixed Berry Pick, White Stars, Set of 3 of Porcelain Ornaments, Woven Bells, Wood Bell with Cutouts, Wood Layered Star

Tree Topper: The lovely outline of a star is charmingly refined in its simplicity

Tree Base: A split willow tree collar layered atop the cozy aesthetic of a cable knit skirt completes this aesthetic 

Coordinated Gift Wrapping: Keep things clean, simple and sustainable with simple brown wrap and white ribbon.


Image of curated items for the Coastal Christmas Tree decorating theme in the House of Inverness style.

4. Coastal Christmas

Theme: Seasons Greetings – inspired by your nearness to the coast (in spirit or actuality!)

Color scheme: Sea greens and teals, accented by classic Christmas neutrals of white and gold.

Garland/Ribbon Accent: The metallic ribbon echoes sea elements and can be generously wrapped around the tree, while the beaded garland provides an element of nautical whimsy

Ornament Selection: Ornament Set in Cream/Mushroom/Blue, Message in a Bottle, Green & Silver Shatterproof Luxe Ornament Set, Pearl Starfish Christmas Ornaments or White Glitter Starfish, Tube of Multicolor Sea-Themed Ornaments, White Ornament with Shiny Dots, Plastic Allium Ball, Champagne Seaweed Decorative Floral Pick, Blue Wrapped Round Orbs, White Seashell, Blue Beaded Finial, Combo of Glitter & Matte Green Finial & Glass Ball Ornaments, White Ornaments with Wave Design

Tree Topper: A capiz shell star framed in gold is the perfect capstone to this lovely coastal aesthetic

Tree Base: Layer a white rope basket tree collar upon a cozy skirt to combine a wintry nod to this seaside holiday

Coordinated Gift Wrapping: So as not to detract from the tree, stay light and airy with wrapping paper in white, accented with either a shimmering burlap or braided rope ribbon.  Consider adding a starfish ornament as a gift wrapping embellishment. 


Image of curated items for the Burnished Metals Christmas Tree decorating theme in the House of Inverness style.

5. Burnished Metals

Theme: All that glitters is gold… and silver!

Color scheme: Shades of gold and silver in varying textures and shapes provide a show stopping aesthetic.  Add in picks of sparkling silver for extra wow-effect.

Garland/Ribbon Accent: Swags of metallic ribbon (I recommend either this Sheer Champagne Sequin option or this Sheer Metallic Gold ribbon) loosely draped around the tree (or spiraling from the top) are paired with a gorgeous gold lame beaded garland for impact and interest.

Ornament Selection: Acrylic Diamond Ornament Set in Gold, Gold Glitter Starburst, Silver Glitter Fan-Style Finial, Gold Plastic Spike Starburst, Silver Artificial Pine Branch Pick, Gold 8-Point Star, Silver Mercury Ornament Set, Gold Snowflake Ornament Set, Gold Embossed Ball Ornament, Gold Mercury Ornament Set, White Plastic Spike Starburst, 6-Count Gold and Silver Crackle Shatterproof Ornaments, Silver Snowflake Ornament Set, Gold Pinecone Ornament Set 

Tree Topper: Either of these options (the Sequin Wrapped Star or the Christmas Cheer Gold Glitter Topper) would be show-stopping – or repeat one of your accent metallic ribbons as a giant bow topper!

Tree Base: The contrast of sumptuous (faux) fur beneath a gleaming metal tree collar provides the perfect base to this tree.

Coordinated Gift Wrapping: Simple brown paper (or brown paper with subtle dots) embellished with a beautiful gold striped ivory ribbon compliments rather than competes with the overall aesthetic.


Image of curated items for the Jewel Tones Christmas Tree decorating theme in the House of Inverness style.

6. Jewel Tones

Theme: Jewel Tones, evoking deeply elegant and refined style 

Color scheme: An impactful palate of sumptuous golds and deep navy with accents of emerald green and burgundy.  Drapey swaths of cedar berries and gold glitter picks add an element of luxury

Garland/Ribbon Accent: A classically beautiful emerald and navy plaid, generously draped in concentric spirals around the tree.

Ornament Selection: Yuletide Glam Collection Glass Ornaments, Christmas Ornament Set in Green/Mushroom/Slate Blue, Ornament Set in Red, Gold-Tone & Burgundy, Gold Leaves and Flowers Ornament, Gold Embossed Ball Ornament, Gold 8-Point Star, Feather OrnamentRound Glass Ornaments in Teal/Gold/Copper/Navy, Gold Glitter Greenery Stem, Faux Cedar Plant Stem, Set of Gold Star Ornaments

Tree Topper: This glittering starburst provides the perfect icing to this jewel-crusted tree

Tree Base: An understated cream skirt creates balance and classic relief to the aesthetic, providing the perfect backdrop for elegantly appointed gift wrapping

Coordinated Gift Wrapping: This gorgeous gold and white gift wrap pairs beautifully with a navy velvet ribbon

Image of curated items for the Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree decorating theme in the House of Inverness style.

7. Winter Wonderland

Theme: Walkin’ in a winter wonderland.  Think snowy nights and winter days on ski slopes

Color scheme: A pared-back palate of white in varying textured finishes and materials (glass, glitter, embossed, patterns, metallic) with accents of silver

Garland: These two options, the White Felt Ball Garland and the White Twig and Snowball Garland, are the perfect wintry tree addition, thanks to their snowball themes.

Ornament Selection: Glitter Icicle Ornaments, Silver Metal Bell, White Glitter Noel, Peace & Joy Bell Ornaments, Glittering Icy Sphere Ornament, White Snowflake Ornaments, Silver Artificial Stem, Star Ornaments, White Glitter & Sequin Ball Ornaments, Champagne Mercury Finial Ornaments, White & Silver Textured Ball Ornaments

Tree Topper: Silver and White Star OR Glittered Snowflake

Tree Base: Galvanized Snowflake Tree Collar in silver atop a pale cream tree skirt

Coordinated gift wrapping: White paper with a silver & white ribbon evocative of birch and cedar trees


My own tree is a mix of Classic Christmas Cheer and Jewel Tones.  Which of these themes most appeals to you?

Do you need ideas for gifts this season? Here is our first of two Christmas Gift Guides.

Merry Christmas Season, friends!




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