Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

By Kate

I am so excited to share this unique take on Christmas gift ideas for the women in your life! Timeless with a hint of old world elegance, these special gifts bring a bit of mystery and joy to the gift giving season. You’ll find a mixture of handmade items, alternatives to tangible gifts, slower living inspired ideas and often, unique items from small businesses and artists. 

Part of the fun in putting this gift list together was looking for inspiration from simpler times — like the joy of opening a wax sealed, handwritten letter or putting together an heirloom book to preserve your family. I hope you find something beautiful and intentional here for those you love but most of all I hope you have a restful, uplifting time with your friends and family this season.  Happy Gifting!

2021 Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Free Gifts

Words of encouragement. Verbal or written, encouragement is an incredibly powerful, uplifting gift! You could hand write the reasons you love her, what you are proud of, why you are thankful for her, and what she does well. This turns into a personalized deck of affirmation cards for her! If you come up with 31 ideas this is enough for her to read one per day each month.

An act of service or quality time. Identify an opportunity to serve your loved one and give them a note on Christmas Day describing what you will do. Maybe they need help with a challenging project or would love for you to spend quality time doing one of their favorite activities together. Consider doing it as a one time event or a recurring thing four weeks in a row.

The Heirloom Keeper

  1. Everyday Heirloom.  Absolutely beautiful, handmade fine jewelry by the husband and wife duo of Everyday Heirloom.  These are intentionally crafted as heirlooms to last generations and each piece has a story and deeper meaning behind the design. 
  2. Korie Herold. Heirloom books to preserve your family legacy! Korie Herold designs such beautiful, timeless items. I personally have the As You Grow album and it is unlike any other baby memory book I’ve found! Her latest is a pair of handwritten legacy books for Grandparents to share their story. 
  3. Hannah Bergen.  An elegant Heirloom Kit to preserve memories and moments!
  4. Family Photos.  Coordinate family photos! This could be as simple as self-photographed with a tripod and your phone or booking a local photographer you’ve always wanted to work with. Sometimes in the busy-ness of life, preserving family memories with the whole family captured needs to be intentionally planned! For after the photo shoot, here are some of my favorite brass photo frames.

The Writer

  1. Wax Seal. An old world touch that gives an intentional, special detail to handwritten notes! Artisaire and Letter Seals have wonderful selections.
  2. Notecard Set.  Paper Thistle has the cutest notecards and makes them extra special with a coordinating envelope liner!
  3. Hand Lettering Book. Pretty Simple Lettering is written by calligrapher and artist Whitney Farnsworth and is published by Paper Peony Press — an amazing small business publishing company!
  4. Beginning Calligraphy Starter Kit.  This curated calligraphy set is beautifully designed for the beginner by Written Word Calligraphy. They have several amazing gift ideas like the stationery lovers and work from home bundle!
  5. Letterpressed Cards. Everything by Wildwood Calligraphy & Post is beautiful! She uses a traditional letterpress for custom cards with initials. 

The Reader

  1. Library Card — this is a free gift! Public library cards now come with access to a digital library similar to Kindle.
  2. Bookmark. This festive pinecone bookmark is gorgeous and has a tassel! Lovely details and artwork by Melissa Hillman.  
  3. Embosser.  Simply Stamps is a US based small business that creates custom embossers. One version is “From The Library Of” with customizable names or initials and another can be completely customized with your own design.  These are unique ways to personalize books and stationery!
  4. Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

The Cook

  1. Farmhouse Pottery. Kitchen tools  and holiday gift sets.
  2. Bee’s Wrap.
  3. Pepper Mill. Handmade in Maine.
  4. Super Natural Every DayAn amazing cookbook by Heidi Swanson.
  5. Half Baked Harvest Every Day.  This cookbook by Tieghan Gerard comes out in February but is available to pre-order now! 

The Baker

  1. Aran. Still one of my all-time favorite gifts to receive (thanks sis!).  This book by Flora Shedden is more than a cookbook, it is full of nostalgic photos, heartfelt stories of community and slowly lived days…the perfect book to peruse during the quieter winter months. 
  2. Blue Bird Grain Farm. I first discovered this small U.S. farm after reading one of Heidi Swanson’s ingredient recommendations.  A wonderful variety of grains, freshly milled four and fun starter packs.
  3. Jovial Einkorn Flour. This is a must try if you’ve never had Einkorn flour. The flavor is incredibly delicious, I personally love using this in waffles and homemade bread.
  4. Sourdough starter.  This is often a free gift or at least very well priced when locally sourced. Try contacting a local bakery and asking for some of their sourdough starter! If you don’t have one locally, Ballerina Farm sells their dehydrated starter online and Blue Bird Grain Farm has a kit!
  5. Bake Better Bread by Shaye Elliot. An e-book on baking bread from scratch. 

The Haven Maker

  1. Candles.  Small batch candles created here in the U.S. 
  2. Apothecary Matches. Small U.S. based business with the most whimsically cute matches!
  3. Embroidered Linen Tea Towel. 
  4. Rowen and Wren.
  5. Connected Goods.  Such a beautiful, intentional selection of handmade artisan goods. Here are some of my top picks: Double Iron Candle Holder, Brass Plated Candle Sconce, Super Slim Beeswax Candles, Basket Hamper, Table Brush and Pan and Tassel Room Freshner. 

The Office Maven

  1. Custom Notepad by Curio Press. 
  2. Notepad curated by Belle and Union.
  3. Botanical Calendar by Simply Jessica Marie. 
  4. Cultivate What Matters.  Intentional Weekly Planner or a  Power Sheets Goal Planner
  5. Notebooks by Grace Laced.

The Coffee Lover

  1. CoffeeDelicious, beautifully crafted coffee by Merit Coffee Co.
  2. Mugs.  Handmade in Texas by Elyse Cano Ceramics. Everything is created in small batches — check back frequently as she makes new items each week!
  3. Coffee Grinder. Engraved Turkish Style Manual Grinder. Timemore Slim.
  4. Three Cup Pour Over Chemex.

The Cultivator

  1. An Indoor Plant. This never gets old for those that love plants! It could be a surprise selection or one you know she’s been looking for. Even better would be to go shopping together as part of her gift — she’ll get quality time and a special present.
  2. Seeds. For starting a spring garden.
  3. Plant Pots.  
  4. Hummingbird Feeder.
  5. Floret Farm Books.
  6. Indoor Hydroponic Garden. 
  7. My Bloomist. Japanese Ikebana Scissors, Planter Stand, Brass Frogs.
  8. TerrainHerbarium Journal,  Seed Sharing Envelopes, Seed Storage Box. 

One way to get ready for Christmas and keep the focus on what is most meaningful is to prepare your heart and mind for the holiday intentionally.  To help you, we’ve made our short guide free for you to download! Just add it to your cart and check out, it will be discounted automatically.

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