August Favorite Finds

August Favorite Finds

By, Kate

House of Inverness’ top 8 picks for items found across the internet for August.


This month’s Favorite Finds focuses on the simple things in life: learning from nature, listening to uplifting music, a useful and lovely pen – plus a couple of small businesses we like.  We hope you enjoy these as much as we do! 

*Disclaimer - House of Inverness has no affiliate relationship with any of the companies or linked websites below. These are simply products and sites we personally enjoy and use!

  1. Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul by Hannah Anderson.  This was a much needed read for me this summer. I underlined so many quotes to remind myself of encouraging truths throughout the day!
  2. Best quote this summer. “I come into the peace of wild things…For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.” - Wendell Berry
  3. I keep coming back to this music mix throughout the month. It’s an indie folk collection with beautiful images of mountains and nature. Calming and uplifting at the same time! 
  4. Becoming Minimalist is my go to site for inspiration and practical steps on owning less.  I especially enjoy the Weekend Reads for tips to reduce what you own in order to pursue your passions.  I’m not fully a minimalist, but we did start our journey to own less and live a more simple life several years ago. Even if you don’t plan on selling everything and moving into a tiny home, there are thought provoking articles on seeking what is meaningful and making time and space for it! 
  5. Fine Art by Jess Blazejewski.  Oh. My. Goodness. Her peony art is so lush and dreamy! The peonies are not available for purchase anymore but you can still enjoy seeing them on her site.  I cannot wait to see what her next collections include!  
  6. I’m running low on ink in my favorite ball-point pens – time to restock a long time favorite find! You can find them here at The Daily Grace Co.
  7. I discovered this small business, Rough Linen, about a year ago as I searched for sustainable clothing and home stores. They have a wonderful Scottish history and make beautiful, deeply color saturated linens here in the US. I own one of their original linen dresses and wear it regularly - it is so comfortable and lovely.  This Everyday Duster in marine is on my wish-list!
  8. This article, written by one of our three founders here at House of Inverness, continues to inspire me to create time and a place for intentional rest and connection at home. Designing a space from the beginning for moments together helps make those a reality. No need to search at the last minute to find a spot away from distractions and to-do lists. Simply enter into peace and rest together – the space is waiting for you.  

We hope an item on this list inspired you today – have a wonderful, joy-filled week!  

What categories of items would you like to see on our next Favorite Finds?  Tag us on social media or send an email and let us know!


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August Favorite Finds from House of Inverness, Rough Linen duster, Humble Roots book and pens from the Daily Grace Co


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