30 Days of Intentional Gratitude
By Kate What are you grateful for? When I hear that question, I immediately know my answers and yet I’ve found it hard to cultivate a mindset of gratitude on a daily basis. Not just “when I have the time”...
The Autumn Collection
Introducing our Autumn Collection! Fall landscapes, whimsical pumpkins and delicate ancient grains - released today as Fine Art prints. Here is a behind the scenes look at our process.
How to Host Small Gatherings
Are you planning to host or co-host an up-coming gathering?  We invite you to experience the joy and benefit of hosting with these simple and straightforward tips.
Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

The perfect fall treat for a weekend morning! Extra fluffy pancakes made with pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg then drizzled with warm maple syrup…everything I love about fall in one bite!

Cinnamon Apple Scones

A new recipe just in time for the cooler fall weather! Cinnamon apple scones drizzled with maple syrup and so delicious, especially when they are eaten warm, right out of the oven.

Sustainable Fall Fashion

If you are looking to add some cooler weather items to your long-term wardrobe, I’ve selected sustainably focused pieces perfect for fall and into winter.

September Favorite Finds
A selection of Favorite Finds for September that unintentionally turned into a celebration of fall!
Transitioning from Summer to Fall
How to transition your home from summer to fall by incorporating tasteful details that allow you to appreciate the final days of late-summer while anticipating the newness of autumn.
Essential Farmers Market Guide
Visiting a Farmers Market is a delightful experience.  This guide consolidates a list of essential tips to encourage you to enjoy a visit to your local Farmers Market.
Home Office Tour
Join us to tour our Home Office and learn about the inspiration behind design decisions and product selection.
August Favorite Finds
August’s Favorite Finds focuses on the simple things in life: learning from nature, listening to uplifting music, a useful and lovely pen – plus a couple of small businesses we like. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!
Welcome Gift Guide
If you have the desire to cultivate friendships right in your own neighborhood, here are recommendations on how to start things off on the right foot. 
How to Design an Inspired Entryway

Whether you are experiencing the magic of embarking on an adventure or the even sweeter sentiments of returning home, the design you curate in your entry will provide significance to your comings and your goings.  My hope is that even in the small scale of an entry nook, you have moments of pause to appreciate the joy that accompanies designing your home with intentionality and purpose.

Coconut Cupcakes with Sweet Summer Cherries
Warm weather, cool drinks and this summer-inspired dessert  – the perfect combination for a lovely sunny day gathering. This is an easy, make-ahead treat for gift-giving to neighbors or a grill-out with friends.
7 Tips to Create Peacefulness at Home

Take a look at these seven recommendations to learn how to curate feelings of peacefulness in your own home, and make space in life for what matters.

Summer Travel Bag
We’ve curated a few things we’d love to tuck in our travel bags as we venture into the summer sunshine with fresh perspective and light hearts.
Scottish Shortbread Cookies Inspired by Aran Bakery

These shortbread cookies are quick, simple and made from ingredients you likely have in your kitchen.  They’re perfect for sharing with friends over tea!

June Favorite Finds
The summer season inspires our current list of curated favorites. We hope you enjoy this round-up of summertime finds as much as we do!